Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love this awesome family!

I love Bowman's expression in this shot. You can tell he is still not quite sure about what I'm doing :)
I love the bokeh that all of the growth in the background of this one made.
Bowman is very handsome :)
I absolutely LOVED the trunk they had out for a prop! It worked so well with their awesome barn.
This is Molly. She isn't a cheshire, but she is really cool. 
She is radiant and beautiful. I love shooting women who are about to have babies. They are so happy!
Sweet daddy and son moment.
Look at that smile. Such a precious little man.
They had such good props! How cool is this little red chair?
There was an area of tall grass in their back yard that made for some pretty and soft bokeh.
True love.
I adored this piano! I also really like the pile of toys in the corner.
I love how joyful he looks here!